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CANSO Outlines 5 Key Steps to Transform ATM Performance in the Middle East

CANSO (Civil Air Navigation Services Organization) has outlined its proposal to reduce congestion and improve efficiency in Middle East airspace

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International Day of The Controller celebrated on October 20th

Air traffic controllers worldwide on Monday October 20th, is celebrating International Day of The Controller. The day coincides with the constitutional meeting of the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers Associations (IFATCA), held in Amsterdam in 1961.

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A tragic week for aviation

Over the past week, the world has witnessed one of the worst periods in recent history, with a slew of aircraft accidents beginning with the downing of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 over Ukraine. How does this affect our industry?

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Water on Qantas Airways A380: No safety concern?

A Qantas Airways Airbus A380 jet returned to the airport when a burst water pipe sent water down the aisles. Qantas said that there were no safety of flight concerns. That may be true, but should safety professionals make such assertions prior to an investigation?

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European Commission starts the deployment phase for ATM of the future

The European Commission adopted the first set of essential changes for the modernization of the European Air Traffic Management (ATM) system known as the “Pilot Common Project”.

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Recording of Malaysian Flight 370 Pilots Talking to Air Traffic Control

Almost 2 months after the disappearance of MH370, audio recordings of the final conversations between pilots of missing aircraft and teams of air traffic controllers were published for the first time Thursday, 1st May 2014 by investigators.

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INTERVIEW: Air Traffic Control Trainee

We are separated by thousands of miles of ocean, several time zones and 25 years of the ATC journey. Chris is at the threshold of his ATC career, and he has agreed to share his story via an interview. Here are my questions and his responses.

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20 Quotes to Inspire Aviation Entrepreneurs?

All aviation professionals owe gratitude to entrepreneurs that dreamt. On the occasion of World Entrepreneurship Day, 16th April, I am sharing a few of my favourite quotes to inspire the next generation of aviation entrepreneurs.

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