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20 Quotes to Inspire Aviation Entrepreneurs?

All aviation professionals owe gratitude to entrepreneurs that dreamt. On the occasion of World Entrepreneurship Day, 16th April, I am sharing a few of my favourite quotes to inspire the next generation of aviation entrepreneurs.

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Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Found?

Three weeks after the disappearance of MH370, the question that begs to be asked daily is “Was Malaysian Airlines flight 370 found?” There are many theories that may be filtering out credible leads as speculation abound.

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Air Traffic Controllers Going Rogue

History is dotted with individuals going rogue in every sphere of work on the planet. Unfortunately, it has happened in the air traffic control profession. What are the causes, and more importantly, how do we prevent it?

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The commitment required to achieve a Just Culture

The Dominican Republic’s aviation authority is locked in a dispute with their air traffic controllers. Letters were traded between IDAC and IFATCA. I blogged about the power of synergy from IFATCA’s involvement, now Eddian Mendez weighs in with a piece on “Just Culture”.

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The Power of Synergy: IFATCA supports Dominican Republic ATCOs

In a show of support, the IFATCA has written the Director General of the Dominican Republic Civil Aviation Authority (IDAC) on behalf of the country’s air traffic controllers to address safety-related issues.

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100 Years of Commercial Flight

Together with IATA and the aviation community, I am inviting you to celebrate 100 years of commercial flight. Looking back, much has been achieved since the first passenger was carried commercially on an aircraft on January 1, 1914.

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NASA launches a new GPS satellite: Is GPS 2.0 here?

The fifth Global Positioning System (GPS) IIF satellite has been successfully launched on Thursday, Feb. 20. The GPS satellite launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and boasts new world class space-based positioning, timing capabilities, and navigation to support users around the world.

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Champions for Safety

Five years after: The Continental Connection flight 3407 which departed Newark airport en route to Buffalo, New York, ended in tragedy approximately 5 miles from the destination. 49 passengers and crew members on board, and 1 person on the ground were killed.

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