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Airport Madness 1: Air Traffic Control Game

Airport Madness is an air traffic control game which challenges your ability to manage takeoffs and landings while avoiding collisions and minimizing delays. Want a safe way to try out for an ATC job? Try this!

Airport Madness 1: Manage airport takeoffs and landings to avoid collisions and minimize delays. Work quickly, but stay alert for traffic conflicts.

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Very cool game !!
Just one thing missing (and not realistic though) : pause the game (cool when boss is coming…)


This works works for me. Try Sky Madness:


Nicely done game! Simple at first but it gets harder. Yes, a pause button would be good for when wifey wants my attention.


I love this game I have played it on the IPhone and it can be highly addictive!


I would recommend this game for anyone with superb multitasking skills and/or anyone with lots of patience. Oh, this game would also make great practice for any aspiring pilots or air traffic controllers. (Because of this game, those professions are now completely out of the question for me.)


Hello Wayne,
Do you plan an Airport Madness 4. My boys & I love the airport madness series.
I’d love to see a game showing airport layouts from major airports. Maybe you
have this already in the works. That way you could choose what airport you’d
like to work.
I look forward to your response.
Thanks, John……………………….


Hi John, I am not the developer of the game. I am just making it available on my blog.

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