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Passion for travels

I traveled the world in my mind, visiting every continent, natural wonder and geographical zone. Stimulating my interest through pictures, books and eventually TV broadcasts; I finally began traveling and have decided to chronicle my journeys on my blog.

Ever since I was a kid, I traveled the world in my mind. I visited every continent, every natural wonder and every geographical zone. This, of course, was through pictures, books and eventually TV broadcasts when it became available in Guyana. My passion for travels was born.

December 24, 1987 was the first time I boarded an aircraft bound for somewhere outside my normal stomping ground. 29 years later, I have chalked up quite a few miles traveling throughout the Americas from Canada to the north and Peru in the south and many places in between.

The experiences that I have had are worthless if I don’t share them, so I have resolved to chronicle my travels on a new section of my blog.

Apart from visiting my homeland Guyana twice in 2016, I visited Kingston, Jamaica; Nassau, Bahamas, Las Vegas, Nevada; Panama City, Panama; Naples, Florida; Port of Spain, Trinidad; and Havana and Varadero in Cuba. Visiting Miami is a bonus, as it is the main hub I use for getting to and from most places.

Apart from eating the native dishes and drinking the local beer, I enjoy visiting the local attractions which I intend to elaborate on in my chronicles.

For the foreseeable future, I shall publish at the least, one new post on travel per month. I invite you to journey with me, share your experiences, and make recommendations on where to visit.

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I’m excited to one day to travel to Cuba. I hope you post more about your travel destinations. I’ve never been outside my country of South Africa yet I’ve visited many destinations through stories of the like 🙂

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