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Whiskey Foxtrot gets my attention, but I am otherwise known as Wayne Farley. My Aviation career spans three decades mostly as an Air Traffic Controller maintaining watch over Guyana and Turks & Caicos Islands airspace.

Today, with my combined experiences, I work for the Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority as the Safety Management System (SMS) Manager. In my hayday I worked as an Aerodrome, Approach and Area Controller at the Cheddie Jagan International Airport – Timehri (SYCJ) and at the smaller, but no less busier, Ogle Aerodrome.


I’ve done my fair share of instructing and inspiring the next generation of air traffic controllers using my rich and diverse experiences.

When I am not running around the airport, I can be found behind my computer designing for both print and web applications. Now the secret is out…. I can safely say that I was born as an artist, and with the proliferation of the internet, the computer has become my canvas. I find this to be rather therapeutic as well as entertaining. Photography is also one of my greatest passions which I try to do as much as I can.

In recent years, I’ve become an avid reader of books on personal development, human behavior, management and leadership. On the philanthropy side, I serve as a director of CrimeStoppers TCI, and volunteer my website services to TCI Hospitality Adventures among other non-profit organizations. This is probably more than you care to know about me, so go enjoy my blog and join the discussion if you care to.

This blog covers Air Traffic Management, Aerospace and General Aviation matters which affect aviation professionals globally. Air Navigation Services, CNS/ATM, NEXTGEN, SESAR, Human Factors, Safety Management and Quality Assurance are just some of the subject matters that will be covered here.

I love exploring new places, eating exotic foods and drinking their local beer. Through the new travel section of my blog, I will chronicle my experiences. Travel with me.

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