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FAA Approves Boeing 787 Certification Plan

The FAA approved the Boeing Commercial Airplane Company’s certification plan for the redesigned 787 battery system, after thoroughly reviewing Boeing’s proposed modifications and the company’s plan to demonstrate that the system will meet FAA requirements.

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Pratt & Whitney's Pure Power Engine

Pratt & Whitney’s Boeing 747SP flying test bed with a PW1217G engine flying on a specially designed stub wing. The new generation engine is designed for the Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) aircraft.

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Hughes/MD Helicopter 520N

The MacDonald-Douglas MD 520N helicopter is part of a family of light utility helicopters with a revolutionary design. The dispensed with a conventional anti-torque tail rotor in favor of the Hughes/McDonnell Douglas developed NOTAR system. This helicopter was spotted in the Turks and Caicos Islands and the photos are posted here for your delight.

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China heavy-lift chopper receives certification

China’s civil aviation authority has cleared the country’s biggest-ever helicopter for domestic use. The 13.8-ton AC313 is the latest advance for China’s ambitious aerospace industry.

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Cutting Airlines' Fuel Costs

Soaring fuel prices, keeping the airline business afloat and making air travel affordable are just some challenges faced by airlines. But see what are two new innovations to reduce consumption. Only the fit will survive.

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Interesting Experimental Aircraft of America

Here’s a guest post by Chloe Trogden on some fascinating flight machines designed and constructed for experimental purposes by the US. I learnt quite a bit here.

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Successful First International Flight for Solar Impulse

After a flight lasting 12 hours 59 minutes, using no fuel and propelled by solar energy alone, Solar Impulse HB-SIA landed safely in Brussels. The solar powered aircraft departed Switzerland and was piloted by André Borschberg.

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A New Kind of Air Traffic

Swiss adventurer Yves Rossy soared above the Grand Canyon in his custom-built jet suit, his first such flight in the U.S. In previous flights, he has successfully rocketed over the English Channel and Swiss Alps.

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