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WMO adds new cloud types for the first time in 30 years

The World Meteorological Organization released its new digitized International Cloud Atlas, the global reference for observing and identifying clouds. It includes new classifications, including volutus, a roll cloud and asperitas, a dramatic undulated cloud.

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INTERVIEW: Air Traffic Control Trainee

We are separated by thousands of miles of ocean, several time zones and 25 years of the ATC journey. Chris is at the threshold of his ATC career, and he has agreed to share his story via an interview. Here are my questions and his responses.

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20 Quotes to Inspire Aviation Entrepreneurs?

All aviation professionals owe gratitude to entrepreneurs that dreamt. On the occasion of World Entrepreneurship Day, 16th April, I am sharing a few of my favourite quotes to inspire the next generation of aviation entrepreneurs.

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The commitment required to achieve a Just Culture

The Dominican Republic’s aviation authority is locked in a dispute with their air traffic controllers. Letters were traded between IDAC and IFATCA. I blogged about the power of synergy from IFATCA’s involvement, now Eddian Mendez weighs in with a piece on “Just Culture”.

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100 Years of Commercial Flight

Together with IATA and the aviation community, I am inviting you to celebrate 100 years of commercial flight. Looking back, much has been achieved since the first passenger was carried commercially on an aircraft on January 1, 1914.

3‭ ‬Unique Flight Experiences Not to Be Missed

Guest post by Jamie McMackin who is a flying adventure enthusiast. He writes about stunt planes, non-power gliding and jet-pack rides. Read on for the thrill.

HungaroControl for green flight

The Hungarian air navigation service provider joins the European project with its own initiatives.

The TEAL Influence In The Solomon Islands

Shortly after World War II, a small airline from New Zealand known as Tasman Empire Airways Limited, which was abbreviated TEAL, began to fly tourists from the harbor in Auckland to the small outlying Pacific Islands. Gliding along on a number of luxury Solent flying boats, tourists were treated to an experience like no other at the time. The glamorous nature of these flights was not lost on the native people from the islands of the South Pacific.

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