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3‭ ‬Unique Flight Experiences Not to Be Missed

Guest post by Jamie McMackin who is a flying adventure enthusiast. He writes about stunt planes, non-power gliding and jet-pack rides. Read on for the thrill.

HungaroControl for green flight

The Hungarian air navigation service provider joins the European project with its own initiatives.

The TEAL Influence In The Solomon Islands

Shortly after World War II, a small airline from New Zealand known as Tasman Empire Airways Limited, which was abbreviated TEAL, began to fly tourists from the harbor in Auckland to the small outlying Pacific Islands. Gliding along on a number of luxury Solent flying boats, tourists were treated to an experience like no other at the time. The glamorous nature of these flights was not lost on the native people from the islands of the South Pacific.

3 Top Notch Aviation Schools in the U.S.

For those who have always had an interest in becoming a commercial pilot, now may be your chance to finally pursue your dreams and attend aviation school. Here we’ve listed some of the top aviation schools in the USA.

Opinion: Why do planes still crash?

By now, everyone should know that aviation is the safest way to travel: Even in parts of the world with a “high” accident rate, that rate is still far below other ways to get from point A to point B. This level of safety is due to a tradition of hard work and technological advances that must continue. Bill Voss, president and CEO of the Flight Safety Foundation, gives his opinion.

WestJet unveils electric baggage tug on Earth Day

WestJet today showcased its newest environmental innovation, a baggage tug which runs on rechargeable lithium polymer batteries. The tug, which resembles a small tractor, pulls baggage carts to and from the aircraft and is the first of its kind to operate on this type of battery.

Cash in on being a frequent flyer

With prices increasing for airline travel, there is a way to keep the costs of air travel down….become a frequent flyer credit card member.

Unfair or Necessary? Obama’s Proposed Per-Flight Tax on Private Jets

Obama has previously proposed tax increases on the private jet industry. In his 2013 budget, he called for fees up to $100 per take-off for private jets, claiming that the fees could generate up to $7.4 billion over the next ten years. Unfair or necessary?

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Non-Pilot Jobs in the Aviation Industry

So your dream is to fly, but you have some limitation that prevents you from attaining it. Alas you can still work in the industry and have a fulfilling career in some other related areas. Laura speaks about her father’s experience and and offers some alternative aviation careers that are available.

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4 Tips for Women Interested in Aviation Careers

Despite the fact that women have played important roles in the history of early aviation, careers in both commercial and military aviation have been traditionally male dominant. As with any industry in which a large majority of men participate, women will have to work extra hard to show their worth.

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