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Airport Madness 2: Air Traffic Control Game

Airport Madness 2 is an improvement over the first version, with more runways, levels and features. Knowledge of air traffic control is not required. Manage takeoffs and landings to avoid collisions and minimize delays. There are two airports to choose from, with the choice of playing a levels-based game, or a continuous-play game.

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Air Traffic Chief – The Game

Air Traffic Chief is a game the requires you to organize the busy skies and guide the planes and helicopters to a safe landing. Use the mouse to draw a line that the plane/helicopter will follow. Don’t crash!

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Sky Madness – ATC Game

Sky Madness is an air traffic control game based on altitude management. Climb or descend aircraft to the flight level that matches their color without hitting anything. Balloons and birds pose a problem.

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Airport Madness 1: Air Traffic Control Game

Airport Madness is an air traffic control game which challenges your ability to manage takeoffs and landings while avoiding collisions and minimizing delays. Want a safe way to try out for an ATC job? Try this!

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