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Why You Should Consider a Career as a Pilot

Did you ever dream of becoming a pilot as a kid? Why not make that dream a reality? Here are a few considerations for choosing a career as a pilot.

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Adding Drones to our Busy Skies

Commonly known as “drones”, unmanned aerial vehicles have been around for a while and have proven to be very useful in military operations. Starting with the Vietnam War, drones have been proliferating at an astonishing rate.

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Cutting Airlines' Fuel Costs

Soaring fuel prices, keeping the airline business afloat and making air travel affordable are just some challenges faced by airlines. But see what are two new innovations to reduce consumption. Only the fit will survive.

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7 Billion and Counting

As the world population crosses the 7 billion mark, sustaining life as we know it is one cause for worry, but how does this rapid growth of the world’s peoples impact the aviation sector?

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International Day of the Air Traffic Controller 2011

Today the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Associations (IFATCA) celebrates the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller and 50 years of existence since its beginnings in 1961.

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Fear of Flying and how Air Traffic Control helps these folks overcome their phobia

Air Traffic Control and fear of flying? Huh!! What has one got to do with another?

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Chilling ATC Recordings from 9/11

Chilling new audio tapes have been released today of the September 11 attacks a decade ago. The recordings reveal the confusion and shock of US air traffic controllers and others as they witnessed the escalating crisis.

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The first female pilot in Saudi Arabia

Here’s a story that I believe is inspirational and can help both men and women in aviation around the world to never loose sight of their goal. Capt. Hanadi Zakariya Hindi became the first female pilot in Saudi Arabia.

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A New Kind of Air Traffic

Swiss adventurer Yves Rossy soared above the Grand Canyon in his custom-built jet suit, his first such flight in the U.S. In previous flights, he has successfully rocketed over the English Channel and Swiss Alps.

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ATC Capacity and Frequency Congestion

Another weekend has passed, another explosion of traffic, and ATC capacity and frequency congestion has become more real to me. A look at ATC capacity, frequency congestion and some solutions.

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