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On board Air Force One

In 1943, Franklin Roosevelt became the first acting president to fly in an aircraft. But it wasn’t until 1953 that the official call sign “Air Force One” was adopted. The call sign was established after a commercial flight entered the same airspace as the president’s plane due to a confusion over call signs.

ATS Message Handling System (AMHS)

ATS Message Handling System (AMHS) is the set of computing and communication resources implemented by ATS organizations to provide the ATS message handling service. AMHS is part of the ground-ground application of the Aeronautical Telecommunication Network which includes ATS Interfacility Data Communication (AIDC). AMHS is essentially the replacement of the Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network (AFTN) […]

What Caused the Crash of Air France Flight 447?

What we now know, is that Air France Flight 447 went down in a giant and dangerous storm that might not have been survivable under any circumstances. But storms alone are not usually the sole causes of accidents. As the Airbus A-330 penetrated that huge system of thunderstorms, sensors, systems and computers on the aircraft […]

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The Crash of Air France Flight 447

Air France Flight 447, an Airbus A330 carrying 216 passengers and a crew of 12, disappeared over the Atlantic enroute to France from Brazil. The flight departed last Sunday night May 31, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. local time, and left ground radar coverage about three and a half hours later, as it headed over the […]

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