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NTSB presents safety seminar on Air Traffic Control

The National Transportation Safety Board is presenting a seminar regarding air traffic control in the general aviation environment.

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LAX’s air traffic controllers are exhausted; overtime’s up 2,000% in last decade

Tweet A record 70.6 million passengers a year now pass through Los Angeles International Airport as it undergoes a multibillion-dollar “world class” modernization. Passenger terminals, like Tom Bradley International, are being remodeled with upscale shopping and dining. Runways are being refurbished, and public transit is finally on the way. But high up in the control […]

Drones: 700,000 Problems?

The Consumer Electronics Association has projected that drone sales in the United States would reach 700,000 for the 2015 calendar year. Could these be the source of 700,000 problems?

A tragic week for aviation

Over the past week, the world has witnessed one of the worst periods in recent history, with a slew of aircraft accidents beginning with the downing of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 over Ukraine. How does this affect our industry?

Water on Qantas Airways A380: No safety concern?

A Qantas Airways Airbus A380 jet returned to the airport when a burst water pipe sent water down the aisles. Qantas said that there were no safety of flight concerns. That may be true, but should safety professionals make such assertions prior to an investigation?

The Power of Synergy: IFATCA supports Dominican Republic ATCOs

In a show of support, the IFATCA has written the Director General of the Dominican Republic Civil Aviation Authority (IDAC) on behalf of the country’s air traffic controllers to address safety-related issues.

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Champions for Safety

Five years after: The Continental Connection flight 3407 which departed Newark airport en route to Buffalo, New York, ended in tragedy approximately 5 miles from the destination. 49 passengers and crew members on board, and 1 person on the ground were killed.

Developing a Safety Culture

As Air Safety Support International (ASSI) conducts Safety Culture Workshops in the Turks and Caicos Islands, I’m eager to learn from the experiences of others, share my own stories and get a great insight into how we behave as humans. The air traffic volume into the islands has grown and so is the propensity for things to go wrong, unless, a proactive approach to managing safety is adopted.

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