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Airport Madness 1: Air Traffic Control Game

Airport Madness is an air traffic control game which challenges your ability to manage takeoffs and landings while avoiding collisions and minimizing delays. Want a safe way to try out for an ATC job? Try this!

Aviation Motion Intolerance

Motion and flight sickness is a common problem for both civilians and pilots. Studies have shown the incidence of flight sickness in military personnel to be fairly common, and potentially disruptive.

11th Global TRAINAIR Symposium & Conference

ICAO TRAINAIR hosted its 11th Global Symposium and Conference in Punta Cana from 7-11, December, 2009. Global TRAINAIR Conferences and Training Symposia (GTC) are held every three years and allow members of the TRAINAIR Programme to review policies and share experiences among others.

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About Wayne Farley

Wayne Farley

I am Wayne, an aviation safety evangelist who once made my living working in the control tower. Engage me while I share my thoughts, experience, and news from the aviation world. After writing "13 Characteristics of an air traffic controller" in 2010, it went viral and established me as an unofficial ambassador for ATC.


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