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Piperjet - PA47

The PiperJet currently in production is competing directly with the twin-engined Eclipse 500 and Cessna Citation Mustang. It will be capable of carrying up to 7 passengers and cruise at 360 knots, at a maximum altitude of 35,000 feet. The maximum range is about 1,300 nautical miles (2,407.6 km).

Cancelling IFR

Issuing an expected approach time and holding instruction to an IFR aircraft; then the automatic cancellation of the IFR flightplan. There must be some serious misconception that cancelling an IFR flightplan will magically result in no delay for landing. Let us examine the issue.

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10 Great Aviation Websites

Here’s a collection of great aviation websites that are useful for aviation professionals, enthusiasts, and the flying public as well. From intriguing images to up-to-date aviation news, aircraft tracking to useful information, I repeadedly use these sites. These website are listed here in no particular order.

Dangers of Volcanic Ash on Aircraft Operations

As Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano continues to erupt and cause havoc with air travel across Europe, it’s time to reminded of the danger it poses to aircraft operation. In short, volcanic ash is composed of very abrasive silica materials which can shut down engines among other things.

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