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Lost in Translation

You make a statement, it is read the wrong way, or the response is preposterous. This sort of scenario happens everyday, often harmless. But in aviation, it’s a recipe for disaster. There are hordes of regulations and best practices to mitigate againgst such threats, but sometimes, one may slip through the crack.

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Human Error

To err is Human. Unfortunately, to err repeatedly is also human. It’s one of our deadliest weaknesses as humans, with matching consequences in some cases. Of course in aviation, we can’t just sit around and wait for the next human to screw up. Let’s therefore see what happens and how to manage human error.

India Set to Launch Air Navigation Satellite

India’s very own satellite navigation system GAGAN is set to be launched to support air traffic management. Air traffic controllers will be able to track the burgeoning air traffic over the Indian airspace.

Air Traffic Controllers' Salaries

Government officials in Spain are calling Spanish air traffic controllers’ salaries ‘millionaire salaries’ as they announced plans to cut cost in that sector. Usually, air traffic controllers, salaries and millionaire are not bundled together in the same sentence.

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Safety! But, at What Cost?

Aviation regulators and service providers are in a constant battle to identify safety hazards and put mitigating factors in place to keep air travel safe. But, at what cost must this be is the question. The geese population in New York are being rounded up and slaughtered.

Commercial Space Travel

Ever since the Russians successfully put the first man into space in 1961, the race to explore and colonize it has been relentless. Regularly scheduled space travel is around the corner for those who dare and have deep pockets.

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