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ATC Day 2010

Air traffic controllers worldwide celebrate ATC Day on October 20th. One year ago, I paid homage to the men who helped to shape my career and brought out the best in me. For his enthuiasm and initiave, I shall acknowledge Reno, a next generation professional, and all other like minded individuals.

ICAO Civil Aviation Training Policy

In furtherance of the work of the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) Task Force, ICAO has adopted a new training policy featuring an endorsement process of training organizations and training courses. Training institutions and courses that fully meet ICAO standards and methodological requirements, including its current objective of evolving toward more competency- and performance-based training approaches, will be endorsed.

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Wayne Farley

I am Wayne, an aviation safety evangelist who once made my living working in the control tower. Engage me while I share my thoughts, experience, and news from the aviation world. After writing "13 Characteristics of an air traffic controller" in 2010, it went viral and established me as an unofficial ambassador for ATC.


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