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What Motivates an Air Traffic Controller?

Air traffic controlling is rumored to be one of the most stressful jobs on the planet. In many countries, the rewards are not encouraging. Remaining focus on the job is like walking a tightrope. But yet thousands of men and women signup for the job and stay committed to it for years. What is it that brings them to work each day?

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Provo Controllers Handled 100+ Business Jet Movements in a Single Day

Providenciales Air Traffic Controllers handled a staggering 113 business jet movements in one day. That made the local fixed base operator Provo Air Center, the busiest FBO in the world on that day.

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Cleared for the Approach

Issuing instrument approach clearances, obtaining the read back and confirming instructions before proceeding to descend. What do approach clearances mean? Should a descent to initial approach altitude be included?

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A Review of Year 2010

2010 came and went, bringing with it new challenges and opportunities. Journey with me as I look back at the highlights of both this blog and my personal life in the last 12 months.

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Wayne Farley

I am Wayne, an aviation safety evangelist who once made my living working in the control tower. Engage me while I share my thoughts, experience, and news from the aviation world. After writing "13 Characteristics of an air traffic controller" in 2010, it went viral and established me as an unofficial ambassador for ATC.


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