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The first female pilot in Saudi Arabia

Here’s a story that I believe is inspirational and can help both men and women in aviation around the world to never loose sight of their goal. Capt. Hanadi Zakariya Hindi became the first female pilot in Saudi Arabia.

FAA Celebrates 75th Anniversary of Air Traffic Control

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration marks the 75th anniversary of federal air traffic control as American aviation experiences its safest period ever. The agency started with 15 workers operating in just three control centers in 1936.

FAA and NATCA Reach Agreement on Controller Fatigue

The FAA and NATCA have recently reached an agreement on fatigue recommendations that were developed by a joint FAA-NATCA working group. This follows several incidents of controllers sleeping on the job during the past few months.

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Air Jamaica - The End of an Era

Air Jamaica flights will officially begin operating under the callsign of Caribbean Airlines and their “BW” code. Air Jamaica, having been bought by the Trinidad and Tobago airline, is now a subsidiary brand of their parent company.

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