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IFATCA, Quintiq hosts ATCO fatigue webinar

The International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers Associations and Quintiq are to co-host ATCO Fatigue Risk Management Webinar, June 13, 2012.

The International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers Associations and Quintiq are to co-host ATCO Fatigue Risk Management Webinar, June 13, 2012.
“Between 2009 and 2011, the world woke up to an issue that the aviation industry has long been aware of: air traffic control officer (ATCO) fatigue,” said IFATCA. “Mainstream media reported several cases of ATCOs falling asleep on the job, with CNN stating that there were at least nine fatigue-related incidents between February and April of 2011. Aviation authorities witnessed unprecedented interest from the press, government and consumers in the regulations that govern the working conditions of air traffic control officers.”
“This level of public attention meant that Fatigue Risk Management (FRM) was a buzzword of 2011 and continues to be a hot topic in 2012. Air navigation service providers (ANSP) are under greater pressure than ever to understand and implement the latest FRM policies and recommendations. Doing so is key to mitigating the risks of ATCO fatigue.”
Quintiq’s upcoming webinar is tailored to representatives of ANSPs, particularly those overseeing the scheduling of ATCOs. This webinar will give you access to the information you need on FRM, and guide you through the process of incorporating FRM into your ATCO planning processes. You’ll benefit from the combined FRM and ATCO planning expertise of Alexis Brathwaite, President & CEO of IFATCA, and David Hillis, Quintiq Senior Business Development Executive for the aviation industry.
In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • How to equip planners with the right tools to actively manage the risk of ATCO fatigue.
  • How to interpret and implement the latest fatigue-minimizing principles.
  • How to ensure the safety of your operations while optimizing ATCO satisfaction and productivity.

When: June 13, 2012
What time: 3 p.m. CEST (GMT + 2)
How to register: click here
Source: Air Traffic Management

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