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Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Found?

Three weeks after the disappearance of MH370, the question that begs to be asked daily is “Was Malaysian Airlines flight 370 found?” There are many theories that may be filtering out credible leads as speculation abound.

Three weeks after the disappearance of MH370, the question that I ask every morning when I wake up is the topic of this post. Was Malaysian Airlines flight 370 found?

My prayers continue to be with the family and friends of the passengers and crew that were on board what is now known as the mystery flight – the flight that simply vanished. Not knowing, must be the worst kind of suffering that the loved ones of the victims are enduring.

There are many theories that abound, and with good reason, as we seek answers. We grasp at any semblance of a lead, all of which have so far led us nowhere. Leads that were all born out of speculation. It might help to add here that speculation is the polar opposite of truth.

As the days pass by without any credible lead, the chances of finding aircraft using the signals emitted by the blackbox weakens. Searching for a needle in a haystack is challenging enough, but finding the right haystack to begin with seems elusive.

I am convinced that the aircraft will be found eventually, but only after they would have looked in the last place. It is in the best interest of all humanity that the aircraft is found and the cause of the disappearance is known so that we can avoid a repeat.

So what have we really learned in the weeks since the disappearance? Nothing! Well, quite a lot if we think about it. How trashy our oceans are, how all our sophisticated technology failed us, how ingenious we are in creating theories, and the list goes on.

But on the serious side, little is known about the event(s) that led to the disappearance of the aircraft. Was it terrorism, pilot suicide, mechanical failure, alien abduction, or was the aircraft shot down?

The pilots and passengers were checked out, but nothing alarming was found. Two passengers with false documents raised some alarm, but nothing other than human trafficking was unearthed there. While it is not yet conclusive, nothing known so far suggests interference with the flight deck, or that the pilots were acting under duress.

How about some catastrophic failure on board the aircraft? This may be a possibility, but nothing in our history of aircraft accidents or incidents had any similar occurrences that crippled all means of communication with ground based stations.

We are in uncharted waters here and this is fueling the speculations even more. I have deliberately ignored the speculation since humans have a natural tendency to retro-fit theories in support of the suppositions they make.

For the sake of the victims’ families and the search and rescue/recovery teams, I pray that spree of sightings of objects by satellites in the Indian Ocean lead somewhere. But, I am having this awkward feeling that all the declarations that followed the first observation of debris, came as a result of social conformity. A natural human tendency is to conform to our peers.

We see what we want to see, and hear what we want to hear. Once we affirm something, we then filter out everything else. My fear is that, for the time being, credible leads may be falling by the wayside while the battery life of the emergency locator transmitter (pinger) draws to a close.

I have no theories of my own, but my suspicion is that somebody somewhere, consciously or not, has a key that can unlock this mystery. In the meanwhile, the world watches on with hope that this saga will soon come to an end. My hope is that one morning, sooner rather than later, my question will be answered in the affirmative.

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