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Aviation Humor

Once in a while we all need some humor in our lives. Let’s have a laugh at ourselves and others in the aviation profession. Be careful not to view these at work, the laughter may be contagious.

Revisiting Supersonic Transport

Humans are in a constant march to push back the boundaries of the unknown, including their fascination with speed. Commercial supersonic transport (SST) began in 1976 when the Concorde entered service, and remained for the next 27 years.

Airport Madness 2: Air Traffic Control Game

Airport Madness 2 is an improvement over the first version, with more runways, levels and features. Knowledge of air traffic control is not required. Manage takeoffs and landings to avoid collisions and minimize delays. There are two airports to choose from, with the choice of playing a levels-based game, or a continuous-play game.

Flying Cars Set to Takeoff in 2011

The FAA has cleared the way for cars to fly with their approval of the Terrafugia flying car. The Massachusetts Company has revealed that it will launch its flying cars to customers by late 2011.

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I am Wayne, an aviation safety evangelist who once made my living working in the control tower. Engage me while I share my thoughts, experience, and news from the aviation world. After writing "13 Characteristics of an air traffic controller" in 2010, it went viral and established me as an unofficial ambassador for ATC.


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